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Signed Copy of Mystery Rising Series Book 1: Mystery Running

Signed Copy of Mystery Rising Series Book 1: Mystery Running

Another opportunity to get a book signed by the author. The book will be on sale at Amazon, but you can order it from me to have it signed. When I get stickers and other merch for the story in, I will send them to you to make up for ordering them beforehand. This one was produced by me, and I still own the rights to it.



After waking alone in a mysterious laboratory with tubes, wires, and strange IVs connected to her, Mystery must escape before her captors find out she is on the loose. She is terrified, but refuses to be a prisoner or slave to anyone. She needs to find her way out and to safety. Then, she needs to survive.

Once free of her captors, and still with no memories of who she is or where she came from, Mystery travels alone while hiding her existence from everyone. She isn’t sure why, but she knows if anyone sees her, she will be recaptured almost immediately.

After growing weary of being endlessly on the move, Mystery takes to resting in a series of empty vacation homes. A few days without moving constantly should be just what she needs to recover some much-needed energy and strength, but just what does she run into while she is there?

Nikolai is doing routine maintenance on a rental property when he comes across a strange young woman with an interesting scent. Aside from his wolf calling out to her, claiming the beauty as his mate, there is something different about her. She is something not quite normal.

With Nikolai’s help, Mystery tries to work through the confusion of her past. She needs to know where she came from, what her name is, and why these people are still chasing after her. What is so special about her? And what do they want from her?

No matter what it is, Nikolai vows he will never abandon her. He will protect her, no matter who is after her. But will his conviction be broken when he discovers just who the enemy really is? And why someone might have been experimenting with the strings of fate?

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