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Signed Copy of Ascendanceof the Luna Queen Part 2

Signed Copy of Ascendanceof the Luna Queen Part 2

Part 2 of 2

Chosen by Fate Series book 2

Trinity and Reece have made it to their happily ever after…. Or have they? Blissfully happy and planning their quickly approaching wedding, a familiar enemy is on the prowl. And this time, he’s not after Trinity. Children from around the pack, and the surrounding city of Colorado Springs, have gone missing. No one, not even the wolves, can figure out where they’ve gone.


Help isn’t too far off, as each new ally seems to be seeking Trinity and Reece out personally. From the FBI to a group of mysterious werewolves who claim to be several hundred years old. And what’s this about the Goddess?


There’s a lot at stake this time around for the Alpha and Luna, will they be able to make it through with their happy little family intact? Find out as you read Ascendance of the Luna Queen, book two in the Chosen by Fate series.

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