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Some new books are out or coming soon, here is some information about them.

There are three new books that have started or will be starting soon. The locations and some links are on the writings page, but here are some details about the stories to help you decide if you want to read them.

Heart of Fira is going to start daily updates tonight. It is available on several apps. In Heart of Fira, set in a fantasy world, Alessondra Richbrooke is publicly humiliated and rejected by her mate at her own engagement party. This wasn't new to her because she had been mistreated and rejected by her entire family and pack since she was a child. She doesn't fit the werewolf stereotype and is treated like trash.

At the engagement party, She decides enough is enough and snaps. She lets them all know that she is done before she leaves the pack and city for good. On the road, she meets a man who takes her to a city filled with rogues and exiles. Havenspell becomes her new home and name. Alessondra Richbrokke becomes Safira Havenspell.

A new life is just what Safira needs, but what's going to happen when the prince who rejected her comes back to reclaim her. And why is he there in the first place? What could he be scheming? Or is it a scheme from someone a little higher up on the food chain.

Heart of Fira will be a large and epic story with several volumes and many arcs. Read to find several conflicts, battles, and several unique and interesting characters along the way.

Mystery Rising started on MyFavReads, Amazon, and several other locations. This book will be between 6 and 8 volumes long, approximately 50 chapters per volume. This is another exciting story that starts with lots of action and plenty of unique twists.

In this story, our female lead awakes in a laboratory with no memories at all. She doesn't know who she is or where she came from. All she knows is that she is in danger. Volume 1, Mystery Running, is about her escaping and staying on the lam. Until she meets a man that she just can't run away from. Even if she tries.

This story is set in our own world, but one where werewolves, vampires, warlocks, and Fae all live in the shadows. This story will definitely be interesting, and I am LOVING how fun it is to write. Make sure you check it out soon.

The last new book is Escaping the Queen. It will begin posting in late April exclusively on MyFavReads. This is the first book of a series that I planned a while ago. It centers around a very remote and very small town called Still Haven, where the majority of the residents are hiding a secret or two.

In this first installment, our FL is Quinn, and she doesn't quite know who she really is.

Her mother recently died from cancer, and her father died a few years back. Now she's an orphan, and she's responsible for her three younger siblings. She'd do anything to make sure they stay together.

One day, when working at the diner, a strange man takes an interest in Quinn, and really creeps her out. Her rather large and formidable boss makes him leave, and they think this is the end of things. That is, until he shows back up to kidnap her and take her to 'The Queen'. Now she must figure out how to escape and get home to the kids. Thought, that might be a little more complicated when a strange man named Marxus is the one to help her get away. Oh, and he was one of the men that kidnapped her.

Confused and not sure what to do, Quinn has a lot on her plate as she unravels the truth about her quiet little town of Still Haven. What is her secret? And why didn't anyone ever tell her who she really was?

I hope you're all interested in these stories and check them out. They're really exciting for me, but I am a little biased, being the author and all. Again, I hope you all enjoy them, drop some comments and reviews to let me know. And once again, thank you all for being the best part of writing.

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