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New Shop Items!!!

Available now are 4 books to get printed and signed by me. They include Chosen by Fate book 1 - Rejected by the Alpha. Chosen by fate book 2 (split into 2 parts) Ascendance of the Luna Queen, and book


The Q&A will start in 10 minutes, here is the link. Join Zoom Meeting

Still working on the content

I am getting things added, but now I am running into another problem. The chapters only show up to 12 in the list, even if I have 50+ chapters added. I need to call support and ask them what is going


I was listening to an audible on you tube, I'm like 35 hours in, and I can find out where to finish the book. Could you please help me with this. Pocket FM won't let me skip chapters

Deni Chance
Deni Chance

I am definitely creating an audio version, and I am hoping to have it out this fall. As for reading the book, you can get that on Amazon, WebNovel, and Barnes and Noble. B&N only has book 1 but will be getting the others too. Amazon has it broken into small e-books and will have the rest printed soon. The entire book is on WebNovel viewable by the chapter.

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