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Shane Asher

  • Height- 6'

  • Weight- 175 lbs

  • Hair - Silver

  • Eyes - Gray

  • Complexion - Pale

  • Species - Werewolf

  • Career - Guard

  • Age- 26 at the beginning, 47 at the end

Shane is Shawn's twin brother, best friend, and tormentor. He loves to joke around with his brother, often at his expense. He loves him, though, and is a devoted family man. Likewise, he would do whatever it took to protect his brother, brother-in-law, Trinity, Reece, his wife, their kids, or anyone else that is important to him. He may joke around a lot, but he knows when he needs to be serious.

When his brother almost died, it was the hardest day of his entire life. He felt the pain that his brother was going through, and that memory has never left him. Shane keeps a close and watchful eye on his brother ever since then, making sure that he is safe at all times. 

  • Favorite Cuisine - Greasy junk food, burgers and anything unhealthy

  • Favorite Dish - Juicy cheeseburger with all the works

  • Favorite Cake - Chocolate with chocolate icing, chocolate sprinkles, and more chocolate. Often referred to jokingly as the chocolate death cake.

  • Favorite Vacation - Alone with his wife, private and intimate

Spouse - Falena

Children - Kaiden and Victoria

Best Friend - Shawn

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