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Shawn Asher

  • Height- 6'

  • Weight- 172 lbs

  • Hair - Silver

  • Eyes - Gray

  • Complexion - Pale

  • Species - Vampire and Werewolf Hybrid

  • Career - Guard

  • Age- 26 at the beginning, 47 at the end


Shawn has always been quiet, reserved, and upstanding. He is the model guard. He was always there for his Luna and his queen, and it never once crossed his mind that his mate would be a man that was more than five hundred years older than him.

In the beginning, he doesn't know how to respond to the man that seems so intent on having him. He knows that he feels the pull, though, and he loves that this person is paying so much attention to him. Soon, that turned into an undying and devoted love.

  • Favorite Cuisine - Home style cooking, simple family style

  • Favorite Dish - Chicken Casserole

  • Favorite Cake - Rum Cake

  • Favorite Vacation - Germany with the whole family

Spouse - Dietrich

Children - Levi, Luka, Alyssa, Alexandria, Luther, Fauna, Brett, Ember, Casper, Carsten, Milina, Madelina

Best Friend - Shane and Dietrich

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