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Dietrich Conrad

  • Height- 6'1"

  • Weight- 178 lbs

  • Hair - Black

  • Eyes - So pale blue that they are almost white

  • Complexion - Pale

  • Species - Vampire

  • Career - CEO

  • Age- 528 at the beginning, 549 at the end


Dietrich has ruled the vampires for centuries. They turned to him for guidance and wisdom. He was given the honorary title of Vampire Emperor by his people, but it was unofficial. When he saved Shawn from dying, he spoke with the Goddess Selene, who granted him the title of Vampire King. He later takes her place as the God of the vampires, leading his people to a future that they hope will be peaceful and calm. 

  • Favorite Cuisine - Italian, with lots of garlic

  • Favorite Dish - Chicken Parmesan

  • Favorite Cake - Shawn! But anything sweet will do.

  • Favorite Vacation - Anywhere he and Shawn can go with the kids. 

Spouse - Shawn

Children - Levi, Luka, Alyssa, Alexandria, Luther, Fauna, Brett, Ember, Casper, Carsten, Milina, Madelina

Best Friend - Shawn

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